About Me


My story:

My name is Cynthia and I am a mother of two and a certified sleep specialist. My sleep education journey began when my first daughter, Olive, was about 3 months old. She was a reflux baby who had a lot of issues sleeping as well as other specific circumstances that were unique to her. She was difficult to settle and didn’t stay asleep long without crying out for her pacifier. Some nights I would wake up 15+ times just to go pop her paci back in her mouth for her. I was beyond exhausted. I tried reading all the info online and all the books that my friends and mommy-group acquaintances recommended. But it got to the point where I felt like I actually had too much information. Where was I to start? Which method would work best for myself and Olive?  I just wanted someone who knew my specific circumstances to tell me exactly what to do.  After deciding to hire a sleep consultant, my life changed. I was getting more sleep, as was my husband and most importantly, Olive. She became a new baby- so happy and engaged, instead of irritable and tired. It was then that I decided this gift of sleep is one that I needed to learn and be able to share with other families.

Misconceptions About Sleep Training:

When I was a new mother and looking into sleep training, let's just say that my family and my in-laws were less than supportive.  They had this idea in their head that sleep training meant abandoning our baby and leaving her alone to figure it out on her own, no matter how long it took.  This is simply not the case!  

My Process:

There are many ways of approaching sleep training, some are more gentle than others, and it's my job as your coach to assess what approach will work best for your unique set of circumstances as well as your specific parenting style.  Through my detailed intake process, I will gather a lot of background information on you and your baby, and from there I will put together a detailed plan that you are comfortable with.